Tips and Rules

At Skyline Drive In we are taking the health of our customers, employees, and our family very seriously.  We are implementing several new policies and procedures that will allow us to provide the most enjoyable and safe environment option that we can.
Most of the changes we are seeing stem from government leaders and health officials asking citizens to practice "Social Distancing" to slow the spread of the CORONA Virus.  With this in mind, our new policies will still allow customers to enjoy with their family as well as minimize community interaction.  Community involvement and socializing opportunity has always been a key benefit of our drive-in, but we are in a unique situation that requires a unique solution.  
We ask customers to follow the following guidelines: 
  • Skip Parking - leave an empty space between cars of at least 6'
  • Bathrooms are open at this time, but please maintain 6' spacing in line.
  • Please be respectful of other customers and their spacing. 
CONCESSIONS:  We depend on customers purchases from the concessions stand.  Most of the money from ticket sales go to the movie companies.  Your purchase of food helps to ensure we will be here for years to come.  We will be providing new options this year to serve concessions.  Please work with us while we get the new systems up and running smoothly.  
  • In line ordering - Please maintain social distancing while waiting for food.  We will have multiple ordering points to help spread everyone out. 
  • Food permits- Given our reliance on concession sales, we normally ask customers not to bring any outside food or drinks with them.  At this time, customers who wish to bring outside food would be asked to purchase a "Food Permit" for $5.00 per vehicle.  
  • REFILLS- There will be no drink refills at this time.  

Cleaning and Staff:  In accordance with recent CDC recommendations, we will be sanitizing all customer surfaces on a regular basis, increasing our kitchen food handling protocols, and requiring more frequent employee hand washing.  Our staff has completed new training to keep our customers and employees safe.  


  • Parking is first come first serve.
  • Sound is transmitted by FM Radio station 101.3
  • You can listen on your car radio or a portable radio.
  • Practice using your car radio and lights in accessory mode.
  • DRIVE SLOW!! It may be dark and there will be a lot of people.